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Below are links to just a few interesting web sites, if you would like your site listed here, please contact me.

All Things Computer

Help with virtually any computer problem. Discussions on the latest software, games, and hardware. Logo

Check out!


Neo is a Cocoa shadow client for the Kazaa network, written exclusively for MacOS X.

Apple Logo
Apple Computer, Inc.

Here is the company that made it all possible, visit their site for new Mac OS X downloads, and updates for their terrific software, hardware and firmware.

The Apple Collection

This is a great place to get multi-purpose icons for your Mac. Users send in their creations, and every year a special contest "Pixel Plazooa" is held for the best icons.


Great Mac OS X - sized icons for your Mac. Contributions arrive nearly every day, take a look through the archives.

XIcons Logo
Rampant Mac

This place has the greatest desktops for your computer. Computer generated mountains, lakes, trees, and much more here. Site also includes icons.

Rampant Mac

VersionTracker lists all the updates for the current day and the last day, you can also search for software and see what other users think about certain products.¸


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